Young caregivers

Kids, teens and young adults do help care for people living with dementia. Here are tips and advice for these young caregivers in Canada.

Collection of portraits of young people of all ages

Ask someone to picture a dementia caregiver. Most people will think of a person in their 40s or 50s caring for their parent with dementia. 

But not all dementia caregivers look like that or are that age.  

Sometimes children, teenagers and/or young adults help care for people with dementia. And this is not talked about enough. 

The Young Caregiver Association has reported that in 2012, there were 1.25 million young caregivers in Canada. These young caregivers help friends, family and community members with many different conditions – including dementia. And it is likely that this number of young caregivers is even higher today. 

The articles and video you find here have been made with the help of young caregivers themselves. They have also been based on current research in Canada and internationally. 

We will be updating this information hub as more data and tools become available.  

But no matter how the knowledge and data itself may change, your local Alzheimer Society is here to help. Find your local Alzheimer Society’s contact information at and reach out to them anytime for support.