Annual reports and finances

As a registered charity, the Alzheimer Society of Canada's financial records and reports are available for anyone interested in viewing them.

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Annual and impact reports

View our annual reports to learn how the Alzheimer Society of Canada invests your support, including:

  • Increasing public awareness and education of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias;
  • Advocating for government support that can increase the quality of life for Canadians living with dementia; and
  • Funding a national research program committed to finding innovative treatments and cures.

Read this year’s donor impact report

Note: The 2022-2023 Donor Impact Report on dementia research is best viewed in full screen mode on desktop and laptop devices. You can also download a version of this report in PDF.

Read the reports from past years

Alzheimer Society of Canada Donor Impact Report 2021 - Research (PDF)

Thank you for supporting the next wave of dementia research. Read this donor impact report to get the full picture of how your generosity is funding innovative treatments and unlocking new ways to improve the quality of life of people living with dementia and caregivers in Canada. A digital version of this report is also available.

You can also check out the list of our annual and impact reports.

Alzheimer Society of Canada Donor Impact Report 2021 - cover
Alzheimer Society of Canada Donor Impact Report 2021-2022 - cover
Alzheimer Society of Canada Donor Impact Report 2020-2021 - cover
Alzheimer Society of Canada 2018-2019 Impact Report - cover
Alzheimer Society of Canada 2017-2018 impact report - cover
Annual report 2016-2017 - cover
Annual report 2014-2015 - cover
Annual report 2013-2014 - cover
Annual report 2012-2013 - cover
Annual report 2011-2012 - cover
Annual report 2010-2011 - cover


If you would like a printed copy of an annual report, please email us at

Financial statements

The Alzheimer Society of Canada is a national, voluntary, non-profit health charity with an operating budget of over $11 million.

We receive a significant portion of our revenue from public support, including bequests and in memoria. Other revenue sources include corporations, foundations and event sponsorships. We also receive grants from the federal government for special projects.

For more information, download our audited financial statements.

Read our statements

About us

In this section, learn more about the role and values of the Alzheimer Society of Canada, including our history of supporting Canadians living with dementia, the impact we are making today and our vision for the future.

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Our impact

Read about the impact that the Alzheimer Society brings to the lives of Canadians who have been affected by dementia.

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Take action

You can help people living with dementia – it's easy! Through your Alzheimer Society, learn how to get involved through donating, fundraising, advocating, volunteering and more!

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